Join Alpha Wolves to share industry insights and make long-lasting connections via 1:1 matchmaking.

Over the last six years, we have polished up our matchmaking platform tool to simplify strategic connections and bind countries together, expand the innovation ecosystems, and grow opportunities for entrepreneurs.


How does it work?


Create Your Profile

Build your company’s profile, filling in the information about who do you want to network with, what is your goal and which industries you take the most interest in, to make sure our matchmaking tool matches you with the compatible users. If your profile is complete with all the data required, your chance to make the most of the networking part increases substantially.


Set Availability

Depending on your ticket type, you can set availability for face to face meetings or virtual ones. If you are attending Alpha Wolves in person, you can do both. Set hours when you are ready to devote yourself to discussions and wait for invitations from our attendees who are available at the same time.


Search for Potential Partners

Based on your matches you will be able find the most suited potential partners. This is cost and time-efficient as in 2 days, you can book even 50+ meetings with fellow attendees who are looking for the exact same collaboration that you need.


Book meetings online and on-site

Alpha Wolves continues the tradition of staying hybrid! Thanks to that solution, you can book multiple 15-minute networking sessions with a well-matched company representative and get straight to the point during your conversation, making it not only effective but efficient as well. No matter if you attend online or in person, you can network with any attendee.


See how it works!

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